Who we are // FORTUNS.net

Fortuns Organizations,

We are here to weave our tale. We are non governmental, non-profit association with multiple goals, by which we shall strive to promote our country in the best possible way. This organization was established for achieving goals in areas of college and youth activities; local community advancement; rising conscience about social and ecological responsibility; tourism development; education; economy, agriculture and forestry growth. A lot of work to be done, isn’t it? But It can’t be too much when young, positive, hard working people full of enthusiasm gather, with fresh spirit and inexhaustible both individual and collective energy. And all that in order to make their country more beautiful and better for all. Every innovative creative idea shall be realized in every possible aspect therefore upgrading it and adding new value, which will easily be accepted and recognized through our activities. We wish that with Fortuns our country makes progress and becomes a part of new modern trends, and takes a place among highly developed countries.

# Tourism promotion

We will utilize all the potentials Serbia and Vojvodina have. Also, we will improve existing tourist locations, and promote neglected ones which can still attract attention of domestic and foreign visitors. Many treasures of our country haven’t been exploited yet.

# Establishing new connections

Fortuns is interested in cooperation and making new partnerships for doing concrete projects with the help of governmental and non governmental institutions. Every individual, group or organization is welcome to help us reach our goals and to leave our mark in future.

# Organizing events

We intend to organize multiple events, whenever an opportunity emerges. Our target is to be a part of many manifestations, seminars, concerts and educational lectures which are to be held in our country. We will approach them professionally responsibly and with determination.

GOALS // Achieving Goals

There are numerous objectives Fortuns organization wishes to dedicate its attention to, such as: Vojvodina’s and Serbia’s local government advancement, social and ecological responsibility, organizing events, promoting tourist values, college and youth activism, stimulate multi cultural development in every segment of social life, protection and promotion of human rights, establishing new partnerships due to project realizations, being actively involved at making projects for European Union and for other organizations.

"We can’t change the course of the wind, but we can set our sails to reach desired destination."

# Archive informal education, promotions, organizing public manifestations and events
# Bookmarks publishing books, brochures and other publications in every sphere that affirms positive activities
# Contact implementing educative and volunteer activities with free time of young people
# Chat Organizing seminars, conferences, gatherings, travels, expositions, concerts
# User following, assisting and improving scientific research of our members, realization of projects and studies
# Contact making and leading web presentations for the purpose of organization’s activity coverage